Harbor v1.7: hot off the press!

A fit, finish and polish release just in time for the holidays

December 19, 2018

Harbor Team

Announcing the Release of Harbor 1.7!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Harbor 1.7 with lots of under-the-hood refinements:

Major Features

Harbor v1.7 brings to fruition a number of features we’ve been working on over the last three months:

  • Image Build History – you can now see the contents of a container image
  • Image retagging – the ability to apply a new tag to an image after it has been pushed to Harbor. This is particularly useful in cases where images are being promoted in a CI pipeline to production or when images need to be retagged programmatically, or when a user desires to retag container images to different repositories or projects
  • Online garbage collection – Harbor can now clean up deleted images from the backend storage and no longer requires the Harbor stack to be stopped before performing a GC operation. This is tremendous news for those who leverage Harbor in environments with CI pipeline resulting in large image churn
  • Support Logger customization – enables the user to customize STDOUT / STDERR / file / DB logger of running jobs
  • Polished Helm chart functionality – continuing to polish our Helm chart support and fixing various small bugs around this feature, including:
    • Chart searching included in the global search results
    • Label support in Helm charts
    • Recursive deletion of charts

Additional Features

We’re always on the lookout for ways to polish the project and we’ve made some smaller changes in that vein: Tightened container capabilities – minimizing capabilities when starting containers (principle of least privilege!)

  • Bumped Clair version – Harbor now ships with Clair v2.0.7
  • Bumped Notary version – Harbor now ships with Notary v0.6.1
  • Miscellaneous – support for longer usernames, refactoring our UI code, enabling markdown support in our project description, etc. are all small polish-like changes to the project, but the little things do matter :)

We’ve seen a tremendous increase in participation by our community since becoming a Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubated project. A special thanks to a number of users who’ve spent time working on Harbor and contributing to the project:

Join the Fun

Many thanks to the community for your continued support! We love contributions of any kind, including tweaking the documentation, helping others in our #harbor Slack channel, adding docs, tests or even performing code reviews. You can find details on joining us here.