Harbor v2.7 release features

December 19, 2022

Orlin Vasilev

Harbor v2.7.0 GA - exciting new features

We’re delighted to announce the general availability of Harbor v2.7.0.

New features

Jobservice monitor

Add the job service dashboard to monitor and control the job queues/schedules/workers

  • Add jobservice monitoring api list pool, worker and stop running task by @stonezdj in 17658
  • feat: support customize session timeout by @chlins in 17767
  • Add REST API to list job queue status, pause/resume job queue and list schedulers by @stonezdj in 17707
  • Add Jobservice UI by @AllForNothing in 17722

The job service dashboard is a web-based interface that allows you to view and manage jobs that are running in the Harbor job service. It is available at https://<harbor_url>/harbor/job-service-dashboard/. You can use the dashboard to view the status of job queues, the schedule of jobs, and the status of the job service pools and workers. you can also use it to stop pending or running jobs, or pause or resume the job service queue.

View Job Service Queue Status

  1. Log in to the Harbor Web interface with an account that has Harbor system administrator privileges.
  2. Expand Administration, and select Job Service Dashboard.

In the job service dashboard, you can view the status of the job service queue, the job service pools, and the job service workers.

Job service dashboard

The following table describes the information that is displayed in the dashboard.

Field Description Actions
Pending Jobs In Queues The job service queue is a FIFO queue that stores jobs to be executed. Total displays the count of queue type, and the top 2 queues Stop All: stop all jobs in all queues
Schedules The job service pool is a pool of workers that execute jobs, display the total count of schedules and show its status Pause All: Pause all running job schedule, Resume All: Resume all paused job schedule
Workers The job service worker is a goroutine that executes jobs, it displays the free/total workers Free All: stop the execution of running jobs to free all workers

View Job Queue Details

In the job service dashboard, click the Job Queues tab.

Job queues

The Job Queues tab displays the detail of job queues. The following table describes the information that is displayed in the Job Queues tab.

Field Description
Job Type The name of the job queue.
Pending Count The number of jobs that are waiting to be executed in the queue.
Latency The waiting time of the current queue, it indicate how long tasks in the queue have already waited.
Paused The paused status of job queue.

You can check full proposal here

Full documentation here

Replication by chunk

Support copy over chunk when copying image blobs for harbor replication.

  • feat: introduce the copy by chunk for replication by @chlins in 17602
  • Add copy_by-chunk checkbox for replication rule by @AllForNothing in 17617

With the development of edge compute, the image registry such as Harbor be deployed by sink to edge nodes to achieve the better performance and independence. For some use cases, they need to replicate images from one center Harbor(regisgtry) to edge Harbor instance, but usually the network for edge is restrict and even unstable. The Low Bandwidth and High Latency environment is the big challenge for replication. So we need to support copy over chunk for replication to improve the quality.

Replication by chunk

You can check full proposal here

Additional Features

  • Add session timeout input by @AllForNothing in 17769
  • Add JFrog Artifactory As Supported Proxy-Cache Registry Source by @erismaster in 17738
  • Sort group search result by most match order by @stonezdj in 17708


  • Start the deprecation of Chartmuseum from v2.6.0 and begin to remove in v2.8.0. More details, please refer to the discussion.
  • Start the deprecation of Notary(signer&server) from v2.6.0 and begin to remove in v2.8.0. More details, please refer to the discussion.
  • Remove email config page by @AllForNothing in 17711

If you’re a user of Harbor and want to share any feedback, we’d love to hear from you here!

Huge shoutout to the maintainer team, our contributors & everyone in the community who helped the project realize its level of adoption today !! The project would not be where it is today without the community

Contributions to v2.7

We also want to thank the following users for their sustained contributions to the project!

Thank you to all who contributed to 2.7 full release notes here

Special thank you to all new contributors:

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