Harbor v2.9 release

August 29, 2023

Orlin Vasilev

Harbor 2.9

Introducing Harbor 2.9

This release comes with several new features and improvements, including Harbor Security Hub and OCI v1.1.0-rc2, which provides enhanced support for multi-architecture images and image manifests. Another major addition is improved Garbage Collector. The 2.9 release also includes an Customizable Message Banner(check green banner above) , providing more comprehensive and detailed information about upcoming maintenance and admin activities. Also we have introduces some significant changes as the removal of Notary.

New features

Harbor Security Hub

Admin users can now access valuable security insights, which including the number of scanned and unscanned artifacts, identification of dangerous artifacts and CVEs and advanced search capabilities for vulnerabilities using multiple combined conditions.

  • Add Security Hub UI by @AllForNothing in 18942
  • Update table scan_report and extract cvss_v3_score from vendor attribute by @stonezdj in 18854
  • Add vulnerability search API by @stonezdj in 18924
  • Add security hub summary API by @stonezdj in 18872
  • Create index in vulnerability_record table by @stonezdj in 18949

Harbor Security Hub Documentation

GC Enhancements

Improved visibility with detailed GC execution history and enable parallel deletion for faster GC triggers.

  • Add worker parameter for GC by @AllForNothing in 18882
  • add more details in gc history by @wy65701436 in 18779
  • add multiple deletion of GC by @wy65701436 in 18855

OCI Distribution Spec v1.1.0-rc2 Support

Harbor now supports OCI Distribution Spec v1.1.0-rc2 and added support for Notation signature and Nydus conversion as referrers. This is a significant upgrade that allows users to store and distribute OCI and Docker images. With this feature, users can manage their images more effectively and efficiently.

  • support OCI-Subject header by @wy65701436 in 18885
  • add notation support by @wy65701436 in 18909
  • enable notary v2 policy checker by @wy65701436 in 18927
  • Add Notation UI for deployment security by @AllForNothing in 19952
  • support nydus as a accessory by @wy65701436 in 18953

Removal of Notary

Starting in Harbor 2.6 was decided to deprecate Notary you can check this discussion. Workflows and pipelines needs to be migrated to cosign as of Harbor 2.5, with version v2.9.0, Harbor no longer includes Notary in either the user interface or the backend.


Other Enhancements and Updates

If you’re Harbor user and want to share any feedback, we’d love to hear from you here!

Contributions to v2.9

Huge shout-out

to the maintainer team, our contributors & everyone in the community who helped the project realize its level of adoption today !! The project would not be where it is today without the community

We also want to thank the following users for their sustained contributions to the project!

Thank you to all who contributed to 2.9 full release notes here

Special thank you to all new contributors:

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