Harbor Joins CNCF

Project Harbor has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

July 31, 2018

Harbor Team, VMware

Today we are thrilled to announce that Harbor has become an official top-level CNCF project, joining the ranks of other widely-used cloud native projects like Rook, SPIFFE, Spire, Open Policy Agent, CloudEvents and Telepresence. Harbor will enter the CNCF as a sandbox project as we continue to add features and functionality desired by our community.

Harbor would simply not be where it is today if it wasn’t for our community’s engagement through issues, pull requests, discussions, code, documentation, and many other contributions. Since being open sourced in 2016, we’ve seen the number of users and contributors rapidly rise and a codebase that started in 2014 as a humble side-project has grown beyond our initial expectations. Perhaps most humbling is the vast array of individuals and organizations that have joined our user community and put their trust in Harbor.

Despite our successes, the journey really begins now. With the CNCF’s support, we hope to see involvement in Harbor increase even more. Our team fundamentally believes that Harbor finding a home in a vendor-neutral Open Source community like the CNCF will enable and prompt contributors from all walks to jump in contribute and help make Harbor project better than ever.

I’d encourage you to join us: let’s hack on some code. Let’s squash bugs. Let’s debate the technical merits of new and exciting features. Let’s make Harbor the best cloud native registry available.

A special thanks to the community members that have gotten us to where we are and supported us along the way–too many to list here. We’d also like to extend our deepest gratitude to Ken Owens and Quinton Hoole who both sponsored our proposal in the TOC and shepherded us through the donation process.