Harbor v1.7: hot off the press!

Announcing the Release of Harbor 1.7!

We’re pleased to announce the release of Harbor 1.7 with lots of under-the-hood refinements:

Major Features

Harbor v1.7 brings to fruition a number of features we’ve been working on over the last three months:

Additional Features

We’re always on the lookout for ways to polish the project and we’ve made some smaller changes in that vein: Tightened container capabilities – minimizing capabilities when starting containers (principle of least privilege!)

We’ve seen a tremendous increase in participation by our community since becoming a Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubated project. A special thanks to a number of users who’ve spent time working on Harbor and contributing to the project:

Join the Fun

Many thanks to the community for your continued support! We love contributions of any kind, including tweaking the documentation, helping others in our #harbor Slack channel, adding docs, tests or even performing code reviews. You can find details on joining us here.

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