Harbor Moves to Incubation

Harbor Moves to the CNCF Incubator

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Harbor from the Cloud Native Sandbox to Incubating status as a CNCF project. Harbor is an open source cloud native registry project that stores, signs, and scans content. This milestone reflects Harbor’s significant achievements in the areas of community involvement, governance, feature enhancements and adoption.

Over the last several months Harbor maintainers have been working closely with the community to improve everything from processes to codebase. These changes have made Harbor even more secure, scalable and available.

Since joining the Sandbox earlier this year, the Harbor project has seen a marked increase in overall community participation, downloads, contributors, commits, and forks.

Harbor stats

We invite you to read more about Harbor, including our a roadmap on where we’re going, on the cncf.io blog post, but wanted to briefly highlight some recent major achievements:

Where we’re going

This is the fun part. :)

We’re still working on the v1.8 roadmap, but here are some major features we’re considering and might land at some point in the future (timing to be determined, and contributions are welcome!):

We’ll be opening a pool soon to allow users to vote on their desired features – the most important way users can impact the direction of the project!

Closing thoughts

We are deeply grateful for our community – those who use Harbor and publicly share their experiences, the individuals who report and respond to issues, the folks who hang around in our Slack community, and those who spend time on GitHub improving the code and documentation. We’re excited to see how Harbor continues to progress over the next few years.

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