Reconfigure Harbor and Manage the Harbor Lifecycle

You use docker-compose to manage the lifecycle of Harbor. This topic provides some useful commands. You must run the commands in the directory in which docker-compose.yml is located.

See the Docker Compose command-line reference for more information about docker-compose.

Stop Harbor

To stop Harbor, run the following command.

sudo docker-compose stop
Stopping nginx              ... done
Stopping harbor-portal      ... done
Stopping harbor-jobservice  ... done
Stopping harbor-core        ... done
Stopping registry           ... done
Stopping redis              ... done
Stopping registryctl        ... done
Stopping harbor-db          ... done
Stopping harbor-log         ... done

Restart Harbor

To restart Harbor, run the following command.

sudo docker-compose start
Starting log         ... done
Starting registry    ... done
Starting registryctl ... done
Starting postgresql  ... done
Starting core        ... done
Starting portal      ... done
Starting redis       ... done
Starting jobservice  ... done
Starting proxy       ... done

Reconfigure Harbor

To reconfigure Harbor, perform the following steps.

  1. Stop Harbor.

    sudo docker-compose down -v
  2. Update harbor.yml.

    vim harbor.yml
  3. Run the prepare script to populate the configuration.

    sudo ./prepare

    To reconfigure Harbor to install Trivy, include the component in the prepare command.

    sudo ./prepare --with-trivy
  4. Re-create and start the Harbor instance.

    sudo docker-compose up -d

Other Commands

Remove Harbor’s containers but keep all of the image data and Harbor’s database files in the file system:

sudo docker-compose down -v

Remove the Harbor database and image data before performing a clean re-installation:

rm -r /data/database
rm -r /data/registry
rm -r /data/redis