Using Make


Variable Description
BASEIMAGE Container base image, default: photon
DEVFLAG Build model flag, default: dev
COMPILETAG Compile model flag, default: compile_normal (local golang build)
GOBUILDIMAGE Golang image to compile harbor go source code.
NOTARYFLAG Whether to enable notary in harbor, default:false
HTTPPROXY Clarity proxy to build UI.


Target Description
all prepare env, compile binaries, build images and install images
prepare prepare env
compile compile ui and jobservice code
compile_portal compile portal code
compile_core compile core binary
compile_jobservice compile jobservice binary
build build Harbor docker images (default: using build_photon)
build_photon build Harbor docker images from Photon OS base image
install compile binaries, build images, prepare specific version of compose file and startup Harbor instance
start startup Harbor instance
down shutdown Harbor instance
package_online prepare online install package
package_offline prepare offline install package
pushimage push Harbor images to specific registry server
clean all remove binary, Harbor images, specific version docker-compose file, specific version tag and online/offline install package
cleanbinary remove ui and jobservice binary
cleanimage remove Harbor images
cleandockercomposefile remove specific version docker-compose
cleanversiontag remove specific version tag
cleanpackage remove online/offline install package
version set harbor version


Build and run harbor from source code

make install GOBUILDIMAGE=golang:1.14.5 COMPILETAG=compile_golangimage NOTARYFLAG=true

Package offline installer

make package_offline GOBUILDIMAGE=golang:1.14.5 COMPILETAG=compile_golangimage NOTARYFLAG=true

Start harbor with notary

make -e NOTARYFLAG=true start

Stop harbor with notary

make -e NOTARYFLAG=true down