Registry Landscape

The cloud native ecosystem is moving rapidly—registries and their feature sets are no exception. We’ve made our best effort to survey the container registry landscape and compare to our core feature set.

If you find something outdated or outright erroneous, please submit a PR and we’ll fix it right away.

Table updated on 10/21/2019 against Harbor 1.9.

Feature Harbor Docker Trusted Registry Quay Cloud Providers (GCP, AWS, Azure) Docker Distribution Artifactory GitLab
Ability to Determine Version of Binaries in Containers ? ?
Artifact Repository (rpms, git, jar, etc) partial
Audit Logs
Content Trust and Validation partial partial
Custom TLS Certificates
Helm Chart Repository Manager partial
LDAP-based Auth partial
Local Auth
Multi-Tenancy (projects, teams, namespaces, etc) partial
Open Source partial partial partial
Project Quotas (by image count & storage consumption) partial
Replication between instances n/a
Replication between non-instances n/a
Robot Accounts for Helm Charts ?
Robot Accounts for Images ? ? ? ?
Role-Based Access Control
Single Sign On (OIDC) partial
Tag Retention Policy
Upstream Registry Proxy Cache
Vulnerability Scanning & Monitoring partial
Vulnerability Scanning Plugin Framework
Vulnerability Allowlisting