Running Replication Manually

  1. Log in to the Harbor interface with an account that has Harbor system administrator privileges.

  2. Expand Administration, and select Replications.

  3. Select a replication rule and click Replicate.

    Add a replication rule

    The resources to which the rule is applied start to replicate from the source registry to the destination immediately.

  4. Click the rule to see its execution status.

  5. Click the ID of the execution to see the details of the replication and the task list. The count of IN PROGRESS status in the summary includes both Pending and In Progress tasks.

  6. Optionally click STOP to stop the replication.

  7. Click the log icon to see detailed information about the replication task.

    View replication task

To edit or delete a replication rule, select the replication rule in the Replications view and click Edit or Delete. Only rules which have no executions in progress can be edited deleted.

Delete or edit rule