Stop Scan & Stop Scan All

Scanning images can be a useful feature to detect potential vulnerabilities for artifact management purpose, but the scanning process could also be resource-consuming, depending on the scale of objects being scanned, making Harbor barely be able to perform other functionalities. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to introduce a stop scan feature for users to terminate a running scan job, and to add a stop scan all functionality to cancel a list of running scan jobs created by scan all.

Starting from Harbor 2.4.0, the feature of stop scan individual artifacts and stop scan all artifacts is available for Harbor customers to use. They can explore it through Harbor web portal.

Stop Scan Individual Artifacts

There is a STOP SCAN button sitting next to SCAN button which you click to trigger a scan job of a given artifact, scan individual artifact. When you click SCAN, the value in Vulnerabilities field changes to Queued, and then Scanning. And at this point, if you click STOP SCAN, a stop scan request will be sent to Harbor backend, and the value of Vulnerabilities field will be soon changed to Scan stopped.

Users can also create a webhook for Scanning stopped event.

  1. Login to Harbor web portal. And navigate into a preferred project.
  2. Click the Webhooks tab, and click NEW WEBHOOK button to add a new webhook.
  3. Please fulfill the form and make sure you select Scanning stopped checkbox, before clicking the ADD button to submit.

If you create a webhook of a given project for Scanning stopped event, then try stop scan feature again (stop scan an artifact of this given project). And you should be able to receive a webhook payload this time.

Stop Scan All

In the case of stop scan all, there is no additional STOP SCAN button, but the text of SCAN NOW button will be changed to STOP SCAN after users click SCAN NOW to create a scan all request. And once the text is changed to STOP SCAN, you can then click it to send a stop scan all request. And the value of Vulnerabilities field of all stopped jobs will be changed to Scan stopped, and webhooks, if any, will also be sent out.