Test Harbor with the Demo Server

The Harbor team has made available a demo Harbor instance that you can use to experiment with Harbor and test its functionalities.

When using the demo server, please take note of the conditions of use.

Conditions of Use of the Demo Server

  • The demo server is reserved for experimental use only, to allow you to test Harbor functionality.
  • Do not upload sensitive images to the demo server.
  • The demo server is not a production environment. The Harbor team is not responsible for any loss of data, functionality, or service that might result from its use.
  • The demo server is cleaned and reset every two days.
  • The demo server only allows you to test user functionalities. You cannot test administrator functionalities. To test administrator functionalities and advanced features, set up a Harbor instance.
  • Do not push images >100MB to the demo server, as it has limited storage capacity.

If you encounter any problems while using the demo server, open an issue on Github or contact the Harbor team on Slack.

Access the Demo Server

  1. Go to https://demo.goharbor.io.

  2. Click Sign up for an account.

  3. Create a user account by providing a username, your email address, your name, and a password.

  4. Log in to the Harbor interface using the account you created.

  5. Explore the default project, library.

  6. Click New Project to create your own project.

    For information about how to create a project, see Create a Project.

  7. Open a Docker client and log in to Harbor with the credentials that you created above.

    docker login demo.goharbor.io
  8. Create a very simple Dockerfile with the following contents.

    FROM busybox:latest
  9. Build an image from this Dockerfile and tag it.

    docker build -t demo.goharbor.io/your-project/test-image .
  10. Push the image to your project in Harbor.

    docker push demo.goharbor.io/your-project/test-image
  11. In the Harbor interface, go to Projects > your_project > Repositories to view the image repository that you pushed to your Harbor project.

What to Do Next

See the Harbor Installation Prerequisites.